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The site includes links to governmental organizations that provide services electronically (about 35 service), in addition to information on about (2552 governmental document) shows conditions of service of the required documents and fees owed. Has various ministries in the previous stage to fill a large proportion of the required data, and continues to pursue its work in data entry and verification, which is expected to be completed soon. Besides adding any new services provided electronically to the site as soon as made available by the ministry provided for the service.

The most important electronic services provided are the services that are related to the state ministries and main directorates, these services include the following:

1. Ministry of Interior: Interior Security Forces: Traffic management: Traffic Violations: voice query of absentia traffic violations - the province of Damascus.

2. The Ministry of Electricity: PE for the distribution and electrical energy investment: pay electricity bill: query and pay of electricity meter bill - the province of Damascus.

3. Department of Defense: the management of public recruitment.

4.  Ministry of Transport: the document of the personal property statement.

5. General Commission for Taxes and fees: repayment of loans: residential service to repay the loan granted by the Syrian trade Bank.

6. The Ministry of Housing and Construction: institutions of water and sanitation: water services: query and pay of water meter bill - the province of Damascus.

7. Damascus: Directorate of Health Affairs.